“A sound mind in a sound body” sports activity will help you to keep fit, to keep your cardio-vascular system working, to help you cope with cultural shock or depression, and to participate in the sports and social life of the University. 


Tomsk State University has up-to-date sports facilities and complexes where you can participate in a wide variety of sports activities. Below is contact information about the University’s sports facilities and programs.


     1. TSU Stadium (stadium, ski-depot).

Address – Crossing angle of Arkadiy Ivanov st. and Ozernyi Pereulok St. (Пересечение ул. Аркадия Иванова и ул. Озерный переулок)

     2. TSU Sports Complex (swimming pool, aerobics, water aerobics, shaping, gym, yoga, pilates, strip-plastic dance, martial arts, and a self-defense club)

Address: Lenin Ave. 36 (пр. Ленина 36), Building 12; Tel: +7 (3822) 52-96-92 (RU)




Physical Education is a required course for TSU students, but the TSU sports facilities also provide additional services for modest fees.

You also may become a member of TSU sports clubs or participate in sports activities such as those listed below:

1) Aerobics and shaping;

2) Bodybuilding and Fitness;

3) Martial arts;

4) Volleyball;

5) Basketball;

6) Skiing;

7) Football;

8) Swimming.


And sports clubs:





Scuba Diving Club “Skat”

Tel. +7 (3822) 529841 (RU)



Mountain Climbing Club

+7-952-882-78-57 President of the Club, Sergey Abramov (RU)


Mountain Tourism Club “Berendei” (RU)

President – Makunin Aleksey



Speleological Club

+ 7 (3822) 24-16-25


5. Student Tourism Center


P.S. For Russian speaking contacts you always can ask a voluneer from TSU-Online team or Student Service Center staff to help you out!