Student Buddies

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Who are we?
We are a student volunteer community. Our aim is to help in the adaptation of international students who study at Tomsk State University.
In spite the fact that our organization was founded in 2012, we already have more than 40 volunteers, who work in five essential departments.


Department of Long-term Programs
The main task of the department is to aid in the adaptation of foreign students who are studying in the university more than six months. We are friends and hand of help for those who first came to Russia.


Department of Short-term Programs
We accompany foreign students and help them during their participation in summer and winter schools. Noticeable, that we organize them ourselves!


Department of Event Management
Our task is to prepare and organize events at the university and city level. We organize: thematic presentations of countries, language exchange meetings, evenings of international cuisine, etc.


Department of Sports Events Management

Sport is life! We are doing our best to involve international students in the sports life of the TSU. 


Department of Advertising and Mass-Media

We are the face of our organization. A small team of photographers, designers and just merry guys, working day and night, drawing posters and preparing announcements of events. If the artist is slumbering in you, then you are welcome to become a part of us.



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