Preparatory course in Russian language

Preparatory courses can prepare you for your future studies anywhere all over Russia. It is important that you are not only going to study the language alone. We are going to help you brush up your knowledge of different subjects such as maths, physics or any other depending on your study field. Finally, learning a language will help you get to know the Russian culture and have great time as a student in Russia!


There are two types of courses at the preparatory faculty:

  1. Main course (trains students to meet admissions requirements at TSU or any other university in Russia)
  2. Basic language course (language training for those who wants to learn alone the Russian language and culture)




1. Main Course

- Russian language;

- 3 subjects depending on the major. 




• Humanities:  literature, history, social studies;

• Engineering majors: mathematics, physics, computer science;

• Business:  mathematics, history, social studies;

• Bio-medical sciences:  physics, chemistry, biology;

• Natural sciences:  mathematics, physics, chemistry.




  • Starts 1st September 2020;
  • Application deadline 10 July 2020;
  • Duration – 1 year;
  • Tuition fee – 174, 000 rub.;
  • Social program’
  • 2,424 academic hours.




  • Starts 1st October 2020;
  • Application deadline 10 August 2020;
  • Duration – 1 year;
  • Tuition fee – 166, 000 rub.;
  • 2,376 academic hours.




2. Russian Language Course

- Russian language

(Please note that if you are enrolled in this course you are not eligible for a Russian visa extension)




  • Starts 1st September 2020;
  • Application deadline 10 July 2020;
  • Duration – 1 year;
  • Tuition fee – 127, 000 rub.
  • Social program
  • 1, 980 academic hours



  • Starts 1st October 2020;
  • Application deadline 10 August 2020;
  • Duration – 1 year;
  • Tuition fee – 125, 000 rub.;
  • 1, 932 academic hours.





  1. Submit documents to : (+verified translation into Russian)
  • A copy of the passport;
  • A copy of degree certificate (high school, college or higher education);
  • Copies of documents (diplomas, certificates etc.) for winners of international and national competitions;
  • High school students should provide a certificate of training in the senior class with estimates for the last six month; 
  1. Make a prepayment ( 50% of the tuition fee);
  2. Fill in visa application form;
  3. Receive visa invitation*;
  4. Obtain visa in the Russian Consulate in your county of residence;
  5. Inform us about your arrival dates ONE WEEK BEFORE.


*Please note that it takes a month to receive visa invitation. In order to start your education on time, please plan your application thoroughly.