Information technologies in science and professional equipment

Start: 1 September 2020

Degree: Master 

Duration: 2 years

ECTS: 120

Language: English

Application deadline: 12 August  2020



The program is intended for specialists able and willing to carry out research projects in the field of complex information systems and technologies. Students gain skills and knowledge in information security management based on modern computer and telecommunications technologies, learn how to develop and operate automated information systems, and learn methods for information system protection.

Within the Master’s program, students have an opportunity to use facilities and implement scientific projects based on research laboratories of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, which include:

-International Research Laboratory “Vision Systems”;

- Research Laboratory “Intellectual Information Systems”;

- Research Laboratory “Robotics”.

A list of courses within the Master’s program:

1 semester "Design" 
-Mathematical foundations of information systems (Compulsory course)

-Theory of control systems (Compulsory course)

-Technology management (Elective course)

-Automation of technology processes (Part 1) (Compulsory course)

-AI and machine learning (Part 1) (Compulsory course)

-Project management (Compulsory course)

-Research work (Compulsory course)

2 semester "Testing"
-System simulation (Compulsory course)

-System design (Compulsory course)

-Automation of technology processes (Part 2) (Compulsory course)

-AI and machine learning (Part 2) (Compulsory)

-Intelligent analysis of big data (Elective course)

-System engineering (Compulsory course)

-Distributed computing technologies (Elective)

-Quality management in automatic control systems (Elective course)

-Cyber Intelligence (Elective course)

-Academic seminar (Compulsory course)

-Research work (Compulsory course)

3 semester "Prototyping"

-Vision systems (Elective course)

-Applied Cryptography (Elective course)

-Embedded systems (Elective course)

-Secure Systems Architecture (Elective course)

-Navigation systems (Compulsory course)

-Measurement and assessment in industry and technology (Elective course)

-ERP Security (Elective course)

-Academic seminar (Compulsory course)

-Research work (Compulsory course)

4 semester “Master's thesis”

-Research work (Compulsory course)

-Practical experience aimed at acquiring basic professional skills (Compulsory course)

-State examination

-Preparation and defence of Master's thesis


Possible research areas for your Master’s thesis:

-Analysis of semi-structured data
-Mobile information security systems
-Development and creation of information systems
-Mathematical modeling of processes
-Autonomous mobile robotic systems
-Intelligent vision systems
-Unmanned Transport Systems
-Digital twins in the robotic sphere
-Simulation modeling of complex technological processes.


For additional information, feel free to contact us by e-mail:

In 1999, the Russian Ministry of Education Innovation Center was transformed into the Russian State University of Innovation Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ITBU).

Faculty of Innovative Technologies was established in 2009 at National Research Tomsk State University by the order of Rector on the basis of West Siberian Branch of Russian State University of Innovation Technologies and Entrepreneurship. The faculty staff includes – 2 Academicians, 2 Corresponding members of the academy, 15 Doctors of Sciences, 22 Ph.D.

The Faculty successfully develops scientific and scientific-methodological support for innovation activity and promotes its own innovative projects. It allows training highly qualified specialists, who meet the requirements of innovative development of national and international economies.



  • Quality management 
  • Innovation management 
  • Informational support of innovative activity                    


Main research centers and laboratories:

  • International research laboratory of intelligent, diagnostic, radiation and laser-optical systems and technologies. 
  • Research laboratory – Instrumentation
  • Research laboratory of high-performance reconfigurable systems
  • Research laboratory of laser and crystal physics      

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Required documents (to be submitted online):


1) a passport copy;

2) a diploma copy (OR a registrar-issued transcript of grades for the last semester); upon arrival students must provide the admissions committee with an original document;

NOTE! documents received in a foreign country are submitted legalized in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or with the apostille (except when, in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) an international treaty legalization and apostille are not required)

3) certified translation of the diploma and the passport into Russian language (can be submitted upon the arrival)

4) a completed application form (online)

5) other diplomas and certificates proving any other achievements (if available)

6) entrance exams:

                - a motivation letter (1-2 pages)

                - an interview

Tuition fee per year is 346 735 rub.                

To provide better opportunities for students, Tomsk State University offers a limited number of tuition waivers for international students who have shown excellent entry results. These waivers consist of 30% of the university tuition fee.

Scholarships are available via the