To make your arrival and stay in Tomsk comfortable and pleasant please follow some important rules. 


Most of the students arrive to Tomsk theough Moscow. There are 2 daily flights from Moscow to Tomsk. Travel time is a bit more than 4 hours and time difference is +4. So both flights depart late at night and arrive in Tomsk early morning local time. Return flights, instead, leave in the morning and arrive in Moscow in the morning as well. The prices for round-trip starts from $125. Airport Bogashevo is located to the south of the city. Bus #119 connects Airport with the Tomsk city center. 


1. You need to inform us of your visit not later than 5-7 days before your arrival to Tomsk. Please, send the scans of your visa and tickets to the following address: We urgently need this information to book a room for you in our Students' Dormitory.


2. If it is your first time in Tomsk, we can arrange a transfer for you to TSU (order a taxi to the University dormitory) from Bogashevo Airport (Tomsk) or Tomsk Railway and bus stations. This service must be booked 5-7 days prior to your arrival. We need this time to prepare your room and other documents for your arrival. If you were not able to inform us at least 5-7 days before your arrival, we will provide you with information on how to get to TSU or book a taxi. Please complete the following form and send it to:


We can also arrange a pick-up in Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo airport) for students and groups of students. The cost starts from 5,000 rubles (around $83) per car. Groups can be up to 7 people, the larger the group, the lower the price for one person. Please complete the following form and send it to


3. On the day you arrive in Tomsk, or the next work day, you must visit the International Students Services Centre (office 103 Mayak dormitory) for your migration registration and rent agreement procedures. The following documents must be provided:   

  • passport and visa
  • migration card
  • previous registration (if any)

Within three days you will receive a copy of your registration document. This document will be the legal proof of your eligibility to stay in Russia.


4. To have accommodation in the dormitory you need to get medical examination in Tomsk. For more details please contact the International Students Services Centre (office 103 Mayak dormitory or office 15 Parus dormitory).


For more information please visit the International Student Services Center website:


Contacts for emergency cases: +7 (3822) 785 606, +7 923 404 36 36