Health matters

Medical insurance is something each student should purchase to cover their time of study at TSU. International students are required to obtain this coverage, and failure to acquire medical insurance puts the student fully at risk for all health and financial consequences. This health insurance for illness or accidents while in Russia should cost between 3000 and 5000 rubles.

The International Student Services Centre, in the dormitory (room no. 15), will help you to select and obtain this coverage. Just contact the center in this regard, right after your arrival.


Medical Services

In case of illness or other health problems, you can receive professional medical services in the nearby University Hospital. Services will be free if you purchased the medical insurance; otherwise, you would be responsible for all the costs of medical services. Information about the hospital is at: address – Kievskaya st. 74 (ул. Киевская 74) phone number + 7 (3822) 55-46-66, + 7 (3822) 55-41-30 (RUS), e-mail - (RUS). At the hospital you may consult with a doctor in Russian (if you are able to). In case you need the help of a translator, the University stands ready to provide this service for you. You must contact the International Student Services Centre for this assistance. All information in such consultations is strongly confidential, and neither the interpreter nor the responsible person will tell anybody about your personal business. During this consultation you should have at least your student card.



In case of emergency, you can call 03 (Аmbulance landline phone), 030 (Аmbulance for MTS, Megaphone, Tele2 - Cell phones), 003 (Аmbulance for Beeline MTS - Cell phones) –and you can call the responsible person any time of the day. This individual is perhaps in the best position to assist you.


Drugstores (“Аптеки”)

There are a number of drugstores around the city, and there is a list below of some of them, together with their addresses and telephone numbers. A fair number of the drugstores have English capability, and a few have Smart Phones to help with translation. However, if you take some medicine regulary, please make sure to have it with you upon your arrival, so you can settle in comfortably. Afterwards we assit you in finding necessary medication.



Many medicines are readily available for purchase in drugstores, but because of misunderstandings in language, differences in names of medicines in different countries, and different formularies or ingredients in medications, exercise caution to assure you fully understand what you are purchasing and how to use it. To avoid potentially serious health problems, have someone fluent in Russian and your language (English or other) confirm the medication and dosage; have someone knowledgeable about medicines for assisting you; check the Internet online.


How to carefully and specifically resolve these problems? There are several ways:

          1. You may ask the help of a responsible person in the University Dormitory (a volunteer). A native speaker is in a better position to assist you with this purchase or at least write down the titles of medicines you want. You may contact the International Student Services Centre, where the specialists will be pleased to help you.

          2. You may go to the University Hospital where, after a professional medical consultation, you will receive comprehensive information about your health problem and any medications you are to take. These drugs and medicines will be in Russian. You may then ask for language translation help from the International Student Services Centre or your responsible person. 





Working hours

Phone numbers




Moskovskiy Tract 5

(Московский тракт 5)





+7 (3822) 52-67-97





Bazarniy pereulok 12

(Базарный переулок 12)


+7 (3822) 51-78-01





Moskovskiy Tract 89

(Московский тракт 89)