Olympiads for Enrollment



It is a unified academic Olympiad at Tomsk State University. The winners can receive maximum scores for the entrance examination, additional individual achievements points, and tuition fee discounts.

The Olympiad is held online and comprises one round with more than 30 areas you can participate in. The full list of the areas is attached at the bottom of the page.

You can participate regardless of your previous area of studies, where or when you have received your Bachelor’s degree. 

The scores obtained for the Olympiad can be counted as the scores for the entrance exams for the following master's programs:

  • Physics (Faculty of Physics)
  • Biology (Biological Institute)
  • Ecology and Nature Management (Biological Institute)
  • Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)
  • Fundamental Mathematics (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)
  • Surface-Water Hydrology (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Digital Technologies in Geography and Education (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Geology (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Ecology and Nature Management (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Meteorology (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Geographical Basis for Tourism Development (Faculty of Geology and Geography)
  • Radiophysics (Faculty of Radiophysics)
  • Chemistry (Faculty of Chemistry)
  • Soil Science (Biological Institute)
  • Agronomy (Biological Institute)
  • Forestry (Biological Institute)
  • Landscape Architecture (Biological Institute)
  • Digital Brand Management (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Publishing (Faculty of Philology)
  • Sustainable Development and Territorial Administration (Siberian Institute of the Future)
  • Economics (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • Management (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • HR Management (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • Public and Local Administration (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • Finance and Credit (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • International Management (Institute of Economics and Management)
  • Sociology (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Social Work (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Migration Studies (CAE: Siberian Institute of the Future)
  • Social Anthropology (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Records Management in Modern Organization (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Applied and Historical Analytics (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Political Communicativistics (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Complex Asian Countries Studies (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Expert Support of Regional Development Strategies (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Art & Science. Art. Design. Technology (Institute of Arts and Culture)
  • Computational and Cognitive Linguistics (StrAU Institute of Human of Digital Era)
  • Philology (Faculty of Philology)
  • Linguistics (Faculty of Foreign Languages)
  • Studies of European Union (Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences)
  • Management in Technological Systems (Faculty of Innovative Technologies)
  • Applied Mechanics (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)
  • Technical Physics (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)
  • Mechanics and Robotics (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)
  • Ballistics and Fluid and Aerodynamics (Faculty of Physics and Engineering)
  • Optical Engineering (Faculty of Radiophysics)
  • Photonics and Optical Informatics (Faculty of Radiophysics)
  • Radiophysics (Faculty of Radiophysics)
  • Chemical and Biomedical Technologies
  • Autonomous Master Program Translational Chemical and Biomedical Technologies (Faculty of Chemistry)
  • Information Systems and Technologies in Geodesy and Cartography (Faculty of Physics)
  • Digital Technologies (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)




From November 20, 2021, till March 6, 2022 – register for the Master Degree at TSU Academic Olympiad here: https://olymp.tsu.ru/Users/Login after the registration is completed you will get access to the Olympiad tasks at https://olymp.tsu.ru/


From December 1, 2021, till March 6, 2022 – solve the Olympiad tasks ONLINE. You can participate in any and all subjects.


March 28, 2022 – find your name on the list of winners.


Use your prize (scores or a tuition fee discount) to enroll at TSU.




The Olympiad’s curriculum includes Geography, History, Russian Language, Literature, Physics, Mathematics*, Social Studies*, and Publishing*.

* individual achievement points in Russian universities (up to 10 points)

Format: 1st (preliminary) round is conducted  online/offline, 2nd (final) round is conducted online/offline* (by agreement with the organizing committee)

1st (preliminary) round: November 20, 2021 – January 15, 2022.

Registration is open at olymp.tsu.ru from October 20 till January 15, 2021.


















The winners of the Olympiad can study at TSU at the expense of the federal budget or receive a tuition fee discount up to 50%.

- 20% - 2nd tier winners of the preliminary round with award certificates of the 2nd and 3rd degree.

- 30% - 1st tier winners of the preliminary round with award certificates of the 1st degree.

- 40 % - 2nd tier winners of the final round with award certificates of the 2nd and 3rd degree.

- 50 % - 1st tier winners of the final round with award certificates of the 1st degree.


How to participate?

  1. Go to https://olymp.tsu.ru.
  2. Click “Вход”
  3. Click “Register”
  4. Fill in the registration form
  5. Activate your account via the link sent to your e-mail (check the spam box). Congratulation, you have successfully registered!
  6. From November 20, 2021, the curriculum of the Olympiad will be available on the website https://olymp.tsu.ru
  7. Log in or register on the website and you will get access to the Olympiad’s exercises according to the schedule of each subject.
  8. After the Olympiad’s exercises will become available on the website, you will see the time needed to complete the tasks. You need to save your answers and complete the Olympiad before the time is over.
  9. To participate in the Olympiad online you will have to submit:
    1. Written consent for Personal Data Processing (filled in in advance by the underage participants; participants of legal age can fill it in on the day of the Olympiad in the venue).
    2. Application form

If you participate online, the documents should be uploaded on the Olympiad’s website before you begin to solve the Olympiad’s tasks.



  1. The participant should be a student of a general secondary educational institution.
  2. The Olympiad is held in Russian
  3. The Olympiad comprises two rounds: the preliminary round (November - December) and the final round (February - March)
  4. The preliminary round is conducted online, the final round is conducted offline (please, refer to the p. 4 of the Regulations on the Olympiad)
  5. The results of the Olympiad will be announced before May 15, 2021

​Learn more information about the Olympiad from the PDF below.