Anthropology and Ethnology

Start: 1 September 2023

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years


Language: Russian

Application deadline: 15 August 2023

Program website:


The program Anthropology and Ethnology is aimed to train qualified bachelors knowledgeable in the cultural and social diversity of the Siberian peoples. The acquired knowledge can be applied to analysing the modern-day society’s problems as well.


Anthropologists study the many aspects of human life: its natural history, biological and social development, the origin of peoples: their history, traditions and customs, religious cults and practices, international relations and conflicts, and much more. They organize expeditions and laboratory research; they summarize and organize the results of such work. To obtain such information, they go on expeditions and do laboratory research—then the results are summarized.


Ethnologists create collective portraits of certain cultures and societies. They are familiar with the images of different peoples, their traditions and customs, because they study their material and spiritual culture. This knowledge is applied in different ways: from fashion and nutrition to peacekeeping and diplomacy. Our program provides universal knowledge on the foundations of social life, and such knowledge is sought-after in business, management, politics, and even medicine and urban design.


The Anthropology Office named after N.S. Rozov (Problem Research Laboratory of Siberian History, Archaeology, and Ethnography) in TSU has gathered and is enriching a unique anthropological collection of items from Siberian peoples (5.5 thousand items from the Neolithic age to this day).

Required documents (to be submitted online):


1) copy of passport

2) copy of high school certificate/a registrar-issued transcript of grades for the last semester; upon arrival, students must provide the Admission Office with an original document

NOTE! documents received outside of Russia must be endorsed in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or with an apostille (except when endorsement is not required by the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) an international treaty)

3) certified translation of the diploma and the passport into the Russian language (can be submitted upon the arrival)

4) completed application form (

5) other diplomas and certificates proving any other achievements (if any)

6) entrance exams:

                - written test in history

                - written test in Russian language proficiency

Tuition fee per year is 199,000 rub. 


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