Verification and testing of hardware and software modules of telecommunication

Start: Not currently offered

Degree: Master

Duration: 2 years

ECTS: 120

Language: English

Application deadline: 


The programme offers training of qualified specialists in telecommunications, communication, and also transfer, reception and processing of information. Such professionals possess:


  • Profound knowledge and understanding of computerized systems of information processing and transfer, programming methods including elements of parallel programming, of verification, validation, and testing of hardware and software telecommunication systems components;
  • Skills to design software including data- and knowledge-bases, to analyze computer system safety, to design, improve and verify logical designs, to create and test telecommunication protocols.
  • Ability to speak English fluently, given English is the international language for computer technology and beyond.



File master_program_handbook_verificationtesting.docx

The Faculty of Radiophysics was opened in 1953 by merging three departments of the Physics Faculty: physics, physics of electromagnetic waves and physics of dielectrics. Currently, the faculty provides training in the following areas:

  • Radiophysics

  • Optical Engineering

  • Photonics and Optical Informatics

  • Laser Equipment and Laser Technology


The scientific institutions of the Faculty of Radiophysics are Siberian Physical-Technical Institute at Tomsk State University, Institute of High Current Electronics of the SB RAS, Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the SB RAS, Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems of the SB RAS, JSC “Institute of Semiconductor Devices”. Students are often involved in conducting research projects that senior scientists work on in the named institutes.

Many graduates continue their studies after the first stage or higher at Tomsk State University, Russian Academy of Sciences and other universities in Russia and abroad. Currently, our graduate students work in Taiwan, South Korea, USA, Canada, France, Italy.

Required documents (to be submitted online):


1) a passport copy;

2) a diploma copy (OR a registrar-issued transcript of grades for the last semester); upon arrival students must provide the admissions committee with an original document;

NOTE! documents received in a foreign country are submitted legalized in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or with the apostille (except when, in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) an international treaty legalization and apostille are not required)

3) certified translation of the diploma and the passport into Russian language (can be submitted upon the arrival)

4) a completed application form (online)

5) other diplomas and certificates proving any other achievements (if available)

6) entrance exams:

                - written test in physics

                - an interview 

Tuition fee per year is 312 000 rub.


Scholarships are available via the Russian government scheme.