Bsc. Tomsk International Science Program - TISP

Start: 1 September 2021

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years


Language: English

Application deadline: 20 July 2021

Programme website:

Contact :; 3(822)-526-359




At TISP we give you the freedom to choose your own curriculum. This means you have the responsibility to direct your own education. Depending on your ambition and interests, you can pick from a wide range of courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, neurosciences, and various interdisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering, biobased materials, systems biology and nanomaterials. Because of our open curriculum structure, you can either focus on one discipline or combine multiple disciplines into a single bachelor's degree.

The Core

The core will ensure that you obtain essential knowledge before you start building your own curriculum.

Since all introductory courses are prerequisites for more advanced courses, you are guaranteed that your peers have an equal knowledge base when you start selecting more advanced courses.

The mandatory core courses, skills and project offer an introduction to:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Physics
  • Research methods
  • PBL
  • Academic year

An academic year at the TISP is split into two semesters. Each semester consists of two periods of eight weeks, followed by a four-week project period. During the project period, you incorporate the knowledge and skills you have acquired over the previous sixteen weeks into a single research project.


Modules at the TISP are taught at four levels of increasing complexity:

  • 1000 level Introductory
  • 2000 level Intermediate: might have course prerequisites, such as having completed an introductory course
  • 3000 - 4000 levels Advanced: will have course prerequisites, such as having completed one or more intermediate course

To ensure in-depth knowledge, the amount of 1000 level courses you can choose is limited, and a substantial amount of 4000-level courses are required. 


At the TISP, we use a diverse range of assessment methods: exams, papers, peer review, presentations, or lab reports.

Each course will have at least two ways of assessment to ensure an adequate review of your obtained knowledge. 

Institute of Smart Materials & technologies

Tomsk International Science Program

Tomsk State University

36 Lenin Ave, Tomsk, Russia, 634050

Required documents (to be submitted online):


1) a passport copy;

2) General Certificate of Secondary Education ; upon arrival students must provide the admissions committee with an original document;

NOTE! documents received in a foreign country are submitted legalized in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or with the apostille (except when, in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) an international treaty legalization and apostille are not required)

3) certified translation of the diploma and the passport into Russian language (can be submitted upon the arrival)

4) motivation letter

5) other diplomas and certificates proving any other achievements (if available)

6) entrance exams:

  • written test in mathematics and physics 
  • Interview in English language

Tuition fee per year is 324 400 rubles 

Reduction in tuition fees for TISP students is based on the results of their entrance examinations at TSU (total points earned for Maths and Physics exams). The following criteria are established:   

more than 170 points — 30% reduction is applied 
150-169 points — 20% reduction is applied 
130-149 points — 10% reduction is applied  

After completing the preparatory course international students enrolled in the TISP program will have their tuition fees reduced by 15% for the 1st academic year. The fee reduction for the TISP program is available only to those students who completed the fee-based preparatory course at any Tomsk university