Upon your arrival at TSU, you will be housed in a room in the new TSU Students' Residence Hall. 


 The cost of the dormitory is ca. $15 per month.


 After admittance, with only limited paper work, the TSU  Students' Residence Hall staff will provide you with bed and all necessary bedding (mattress, pillow, blanket, bedspread and bed clothes). The Residence Hall is  equipped with furniture and bathroom units. Shared kitchens are equipped with ovens. The Residence hall is up-to-date, built for students and their needs: studying rooms, internet, laundry, gym, cafeteria, place for dance   and aerobics. There is security, with advanced CCTV and fire protection. 


There is the International Student Services Center on the 1st floor (room 15), that is available to assist you with questions you may have.